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Building a Better Future: Voters approve both levy questions

Building a Better Future: Voters approve both levy questions

The results are in: Osseo Area Schools voters have approved both Building a Better Future levy questions, which enables the district to maintain services and address growing needs in the areas of safety, learning and technology.  

Voters approved question one 54.42% yes (31,784 votes) to 45.58% no (26,620 votes). Question one was an operational levy to continue day-to-day learning operations and enhance individualized learning, academic interventions, scholar mental health needs and other critical classroom supports.

Voters also approved question two 50.20% yes (27,884 votes) to 49.80% no (27,663 votes). Question two was a technology levy to continue classroom learning technology, infrastructure systems and support staff. It will additionally prioritize school safety and security, tools for all scholars and digital learning spaces.

“We’re happy to have so much community support for our scholars and their future,” said Superintendent Cory McIntyre. “It’s clear that our community believes the future is in our classrooms.”

Building a Better Future Phase I came after months of discussion and review of district finances. District leadership recommended two school funding requests be placed on the ballot after being endorsed by community-based committees that review district finances and learning and technology needs. Building a Better Future Phase II is expected to begin soon. In this phase, district facility needs will be the focus. Details will be shared in early 2023 once research has been completed and analyzed.

“Thank you for entrusting us to service our Osseo Area Schools community as desired and deserved,” said McIntyre. "We’re excited and ready to put these funds to use as promised – which will impact each and every scholar and school in our district." 

Vote counts are unofficial until canvassed by the school board at their Nov. 15 meeting.