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Elm Creek Elementary School Fishing Club participates in fishing clinic

Fifth graders in the Elm Creek Elementary School Fishing Club recently had the opportunity to take their skills and new fishing rods out on Weaver Lake during a fishing clinic. The students braved the windy day and choppy waters, catching multiple fish.   

Dan Baker, a fourth grade teacher at Elm Creek, created the Fishing Club to give students the knowledge, experience and tools to engage in fishing on their own. The club currently has 12 students, all who participated in the fishing clinic. 

“For me, fishing is something that is a lifetime thing. Once you know what you are doing or have an interest in it, you can keep doing it forever,” Baker said. “When we first started the program, it was designed for students who had not been exposed to fishing. We wanted to bring fishing to those kids and give them the skill and the equipment so that they can keep doing it.”

John Burback, owner of Tuned Up Custom Rods, joined the students on their fishing day, driving one of the boats to help give students an on-the-water experience. His organization also provides each student in the club with a custom fishing pole and tackle box in Osseo colors with their names on it. 

“I think anything that gives kids the chance to be outside is useful. In the digital world, there is a lot of times to be inside and plugged in. This is a nice way to not do that.” Baker said.

Six students went out fishing in the morning and six went in the afternoon. With three students in each boat, they were able to receive individual lessons and tips on how to bait the hook, cast a line and reel in a fish. The students all had varying levels of experience with fishing, with some having their first experience while out on Weaver Lake.

“I really like fishing because I get to be out by the water. I have caught a few fish before,” said fifth grader Megan James, who caught the first fish of the day.