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Miss Teen Minnesota visits Kindness Club she helped start at Elm Creek Elementary School

Miss Teen Minnesota visits Kindness Club she helped start at Elm Creek Elementary School

Scholars in the Elm Creek Elementary School Kindness Club helped to organize and host a Great Kindness Challenge week from Jan. 22-26. Students in all grade levels participated to promote and spread kindness across both the school and community.

The Great Kindness Challenge is a national event that focuses on empowering students to create a culture of kindness in their schools. The Great Kindness Challenge is all about celebrating kindness in a way every student, teacher and staff member can feel loved and appreciated. More than 37,000 schools across the world take part in the Great Kindness Challenge each year. This year’s theme was “create kindness.” 

On the last day of Kindness week, students in the Kindness Club were visited by Mikhala Rivers, a former Elm Creek student who helped to start the Great Kindness Challenge when she was a fourth grader at the school. Rivers visited with students to talk about why she started the challenge and her work as the 2023 Miss Teen Minnesota USA.

Girl in pink dress and crown

“I am excited to see my legacy lived on,” Rivers told the Kindness Club.

The Kindness Club members asked Rivers questions, including how she became Miss Teen Minnesota USA, why she started the Kindness Challenge at Elm Creek, what activities she did in the Kindness Club and how many members were in the Kindness Club when she started it. 

Student raising her hand

Students also shared with Rivers what they chose to do during this year’s Kindness Week. Students across the school took a kindness pledge, raised items for PUPS (a facility where lost pets are cared for until picked up by their owners), made a compliment wall, created kind notes to be given out at a local coffee shop and made kind bracelets. Each day of the week was also a spirit day for students to dress up, including neon day, decade day, career day and twin day. 

Student with donations