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Students perform near state averages in spring assessments on reading, math and science 

Students in Osseo Area Schools are performing near state averages in key academic areas, according to data released by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Aug. 27.

Despite having multiple interruptions moving in and out of learning models, about three quarters of eligible district students participated in the spring 2021 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs). The percentage of Osseo Area Schools students who met or exceeded academic standards was similar to the state: math 42% (state 44%), reading 51% (state 53%), and science 39% (state 43%). In relation to student groups, Osseo Area Schools achieved higher results compared to the state for three student groups in reading, four student groups in math and one student group in science.

This assessment information is important in guiding the work of Osseo Area Schools. First, in determining where the district is at and would like to be, and secondly, in directing the types of changes needed in instruction and professional development. Osseo Area Schools appreciates the thousands of students that took the time, in an extremely challenging environment, to help the district more clearly see its progress. 

As always, our mission-driven employees are determined to do all they can to help each and every student succeed. This school year the team is taking a new, bold approach. “Our employees are working together to courageously challenge the status quo,” said Cory McIntyre, superintendent, “We’re listening to our students' needs and working to exceed their expectations to achieve excellence for all.”

The district has been working on a strategic plan focused on academic achievement, including closing the achievement gap on all state-mandated measures. This will be shared with students, staff, parents/caregivers, and community members in the coming months. School improvement plans will also be updated to reflect the new strategic plan as well as the needs of students. Stay tuned for more. 

View Osseo Area Schools full MCA results on the MDE’s report card website. Students, staff and parents/caregivers are encouraged to use multiple measures when interpreting this year’s outcomes. It will be important to see how MCA results compare to other assessments this fall. Refer to the district website for additional details on assessments at Osseo Area Schools